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NCI is a national, voluntary effort by public developmental disabilities agencies to measure and track their own performance. This effort supports the development of standardized quality measures in adult developmental services. At the request of OADS, MDDC interviewed 400 adults with developmental who receive case management and at least one other service and consent to participate.

The interviews address individuals’ experiences with the services that they receive and measure person-centered outcomes and system-level indicators related to employment, choice, relationships, case management, inclusion, and health. Qualitative feedback from the interviewers suggested that those who work in integrated settings and live more independently seemed happier and that many participants seemed to have limited awareness about the availability of choices in services and supports.  

NCI Adult Consumer Survey Outcomes 2013-2014 Maine Report

NCI Adult Consumer Survey Outcomes 2014-2015 Maine Report

NCI Adult Consumer Survey Outcomes 2015-2016 Maine Report

NCI Adult Consumer Survey Outcomes 2016-2017 Maine Report

NCI Adult Consumer Survey Outcomes 2017-2018 Maine Report

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Surveys on Services During COVID

The Maine Developmental Disabilities Council understands that the health crisis caused by this pandemic is created unprecedented strains on our already-inadequate systems of care in Maine and across the country. In order to better understand the impact that the coronavirus has had "on the ground", we have been working with ally organizations to survey Maine people with developmental disabilities, their families and caregivers, and parents of children with developmental disabilities about the state of services during this time.

We have to date helped create, disseminate, and assess three separate surveys on this issue: one specific to children and their parents, one on adult services, and one asking about opinions on returning to school in the fall. Below are links to the final reports on these surveys.

Much thanks to Maine Parent Federation, Autism Society of Maine, and Speaking Up For Us for partnering with us on this effort!


Survey Reports

How are you doing? Survey Results of families of children with disabilities during COVID-19


Are you getting what you need? Are you connected? Survey Results of adults with disabilities and families of adults with disabilities during COVID-19 and Lessons Learned from the IPAD Technology Project


Returning to School - Survey Results of Parents’ thoughts on Fall of 2020




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