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If you are interested in becoming a member of the council, click on the link below for our application - or if you'd like to fill out an application over the phone, call 207-480-1478 or toll free 833-713-2618.

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What is the Maine Developmental Disabilities Council?

MDDC is a state and federally funded, self-governing organization made up of people with developmental disabilities, family members of people with disabilities, and representatives from state agencies and organizations who work to improve the lives of those with developmental disabilities. MDDC is committed to creating a Maine in which all people are valued and respected because we believe communities are stronger when everyone is included. MDDC advocates for equal opportunities for persons with developmental disabilities to participate in every aspect of community life.

What does the Council do?

We work together to find the most pressing needs of people with developmental disabilities, and to advocate for changing systems and policies to address those needs. We work to help people with developmental disabilities have self-determination, integration, and inclusion. We do this through: conducting outreach, providing training and technical assistance, removing barriers, developing coalitions, encouraging citizen participation, and keeping policymakers informed about disability issues.

What will be expected of me as a member?

As a Council Member, you are required to meet as a Council at least six times per year to go over Council business, review the budget, and vote on changes to our policies and new members. You will help decide which programs and activities to help fund, making sure that they are consistent with our principles and guidelines; you will oversee the activities of the staff to make sure they are acting according to the principles laid out by the Council. You are expected to act in good faith, to uphold the decisions made by the Council as a whole, and to avoid all conflicts of interest or the appearance of any conflict of interest.

How else could I help?

All Council members are also encouraged to step up into committee and leadership roles as their capabilities and schedules allow. Those opportunities include serving on the Membership Committee, the By-Laws Committee, the Finance Committee, and the Executive Committee, or in leadership as a Co-Chair or Treasurer of the Council. These roles require a few more meetings each year, depending on the needs of the Council.







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Maine Developmental Disabilities Council
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139 State House Station Augusta, ME 04333


Phone: 207-480-1478 or toll free 833-713-2618