Maine Developmental Disabilities Council

Educating policymakers and supporting legislation

In accordance with its responsibilities under the federal DD Act, the Maine Developmental Disabilities Council has provided ongoing information and support to legislators and other public policymakers in the development and review of proposed legislation, rules, and other policies affecting persons with developmental disabilities and their families.  MDDC has provided information and participated in the revision of statutes and rules affecting civil rights, education, healthcare, employment, housing, and other matters of concern to individuals with disabilities, parents and other family members.

In the past several years, MDDC has advocated in support and in opposition to dozens of bills at the Maine Legislature – you can find our testimony on some of those bills by clicking on Testimony under each LD and selecting Public Hearing Testimony. 


LD 1774An Act Clarifying the Rights to Legal Representation and To Communicate with Others for Individuals Subject to Guardianship


LD 1775 - Resolve, Regarding MaineCare Funding for Maine Schools 


LD 1798An Act To Ensure Health Insurance Coverage for Certain Adults with Disabilities


 LD 1933Resolve, Regarding Legislative Review of Portions of Chapter 115: The Credentialing of Education Personnel, a Major Substantive Rule of the Department of Education, State Board of Education


Staff members of MDDC also sit on several boards and taskforces changed with overseeing the systems of care for Mainers with developmental disabilities and bringing recommendations to policymakers, including:



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Maine Developmental Disabilities Council
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