Maine Developmental Disabilities Council

Maine Developmental Disabilities Council (MDDC) requests proposals for Planning Grant(s) to Increase Capacity to Support Self-Direction

MDDC would like to her from agencies and/or individuals who want to increase the capacity of Maine’s developmental service system to provide support brokerage to adults using self-directed services.  A total of up to $25,000 is available. MDDC anticipates making one or more awards.



Nonprofit and for-profit organizations, public agencies, and educational institutions in Maine are eligible to apply for funding, individually or collaboratively. 

Proposals must clearly identify the organization that intended to provide support brokerage.

Organizations intending to provide support brokerage must be experienced as Maine Care providers and must not be providers of Maine Care Section 13, 21, or 29 services, although they may be co-applicants.


Date of Release for RFP # 17.2.2 1/6/22
Due Date for Receipt of Proposals 2/17/22
Date of Award (estimated) 3/3/22
Estimated Contract Start Date 3/15/22


Interested parties are encouraged to submit written questions through the grants page of MDDC’s website. Questions and answers of broad interest will be posted on the website as they are received. Questions may also be directed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


The Maine Developmental Disabilities Council (MDDC) conducts advocacy, capacity building and systemic change activities through a partnership of people with disabilities, their families, and agencies.  MDDC identifies and resolves barriers to community inclusion, self-determination, and independence. To that end, MDDC is seeking to fund one or more planning grants to increase the capacity of Maine’s developmental service system to support self-directed services for adults.

The Office of Aging and Disability Services has applied to CMS for permission to include a self-directed option for selected Section 29 services through the Appendix K, with the intent to include such services in future iterations of developmental (waiver) services.

Scope of Planning Grant         

Support brokerage is an integral component of successful self-direction and is not a service that is currently available in Maine. The intent of this grant is to provide funding to enable one or more organizations to develop the capacity to provide support brokerage to eligible and interested individuals statewide. Please see page 4 of this document for more information about support brokerage.

 Support broker training will be made available through OADS. Therefore, proposals should not address the development of training.


Proposal Contents

I   Organization Qualifications and Experience:  Please provide

  1. A description of the organization(s)
  2. A summary of relevant experience.
  3. A plan to provide support brokerage after the period of the grant.
  4. Contact information for the people who will be responsible for grant activities.
  5. A statement of commitment from the organization(s) leadership.

II Specifications of Work to be Performed:  

Please tell us how you intend to develop the capacity to provide support brokerage, using this format:

Task or activity


Person Responsible


Projected outcomes























III  Cost Proposal   

Please provide adequate details to understand how grant funds will be used:

Total Direct Costs  
Indirect Costs  


Submitting the Proposal        

Proposals must be received by 11:59pm on February 17, 2022.  Please submit as attachments via email. There is no page limit, but the application is intended to be brief.

Proposal Review

Evaluation of proposals is intended to fair, objective, and to ensure that the contract is awarded to the proposal that best satisfies the stated criteria. Selected MDDC members and staff will review proposals using a rubric that includes stated criteria. MDDC may ask for additional information in reviewing proposals. Scoring will be based upon

  • Organization Qualifications and Experience (35%)
  • Specifications of Work to be Performed (40%)
  • Cost Proposal (25%)

Includes all elements addressed above in Proposal Contents, Section III.

The review team will use a consensus approach to evaluate the bids.

Decisions regarding the award of the contract(s) will be made by representatives of MDDC. Notification will be made in writing. Contract(s) will be negotiated as soon as is practicable.

For a printable version of this RFP, please click here.

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